Personal Education

"As usual, you have not only contributed to me by way of the lesson, but also by way of your reply. I continue to be left without any ability to thank you, but only draw from you more quality of life." [S. H., Colorado]

"I would like to thank you for this course and particularly for the quality of your answers to my questions. It has shed a new light for me on some very basic questions about Judaism and the role of Jews whose importance I have sometimes missed before." [P.W., France]


"Up until reading this week's lesson, I hadn't given much thought to the Exodus and Revelation at Sinai with the exception of yearly at Passover. The lesson has helped me to gain understanding of the importance of these events and the role they must begin to play in my life." [S.C., Florida]

"You have created an environment in which the student feels comfortable asking questions - and students will only ask questions if they are confident they will not be made to feel inadequate, and will get a useful answer. The content has of course been of an excellent standard - and some of your questions and responses have been the basis of discussion across our dinner table at home." [R.S., England]

Personal Growth

"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to take your on line courses. Since I began last semester, I have enrolled in a Jewish education class which meets once a week and have really begun to think about myself and my role as a Jew. When I pray now it is with a lot more understanding as to why I am doing it. I am looking forward to your classes in the future and again thank you." [M.C., New York]

"This has been one of the most interesting classes that I have taken in a long time. You have given me a new reason to ask questions, and to further my Jewish learning." [New York]