JIS is a project initiated by Zichron Avos, (Memorial to our Forefathers), a foundation created by Mr. Bert Zauderer, in memory of members of his family, who were martyred during the Holocaust.

Zichron Avos was founded following a chance occurrence to Mr. Zauderer during a trip to Israel. While driving with his family on a country road, Mr. Zauderer happened upon a sign indicating a forest dedicated to the memory of French Jews martyred in the Holocaust.

A memorial wall in the forest is inscribed with the names of over 80,000 Jews deported from France to Auschwitz. Remembering that several members of their family were deported from French Internment camps, they searched the list and eventually located their names.

Inspired to offer a living memorial to his family's lost loved ones, both in France and Poland, Mr. Zauderer founded Zichron Avos to support the use of the Internet for Jewish studies.


Jewish Interactive Studies Vision

Jewish Interactive Studies (JIS) seeks to provide accessible Jewish education to Jewish adults at all educational and religious backgrounds. JIS uses the Internet for offering structured online courses that are based on study of classical Jewish texts.

Providing Jewish Adults with Accessible, Quality Jewish Education

Increasing numbers of Jewish adults seek to acquire or strengthen their Jewish education that was not available to them or that ended in their childhood. However, they are commonly held back as a result of time constraints and travel distances to attend live classes, academic discomfort in studying material that is above their level of Jewish education, and inability to pay high course fees.

Since 1998, Jewish Interactive Studies has been developing an effective online program that has provided participants with accessible, quality Jewish education.

JIS courses offer you:

  • Convenience: course lectures can be read on or offline.
  • Introductory-level study of classical Jewish sources: courses present Judaism through direct study of its classical texts. All texts are translated and explained in English, allowing adults at all levels of Jewish education to appreciate this treasure of Jewish knowledge and wisdom.
  • Relevance: courses demonstrate the timeless lessons of Judaism.